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From Yumna Masarwa

When Yumna Masarwa and the founders of The Last Rights Project, Catriona Davis and Syd Bolton, met at Thanatic Ethics Conference #2 at the Maison Française in Oxford, the idea of creating an internship for the students of the ACM / IAU in Aix-en-Provence was born…

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Updated: Aug 22, 2022

From Linda Haapajärvi

Brill is going to publish a handbook on contemporary death rituals in Europe. The project team is interested in the case of death in migration and looking for few more articles. Please find the information (link) on the planned publication. If you are working with the concept of rituality and interested in the project, you are encouraged to contact the editors directly. Please note that the articles have a limit of 6000 words and the first versions are expected to be received in September.


Dorothea Lüddeckens, University of Zurich, Switzerland (

Brenda Mathijssen, University of Groningen, the Netherlands (

Terhi Utriainen, University of Helsinki, Finland (

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