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Death and Migration: Perspectives from the Post-Soviet Space

From Thomas Lacroix

We are delighted to share a special issue related to Thanatic Ethics, entitled Death and Migration: Perspectives from the Post-Soviet Space.


The last decade has witnessed the proliferation of research articles and projects about death in a migratory context — the focus being alternatively on the body of migrants (Lestage, 2019) or on the creation of community through the management of death among (settled) immigrants. This thematic dossier proposes to capture a specific moment — that of death occurring abroad, within a particular space, namely the post-Soviet space — in order to understand not only how migratory flows are perpetuated and anchored in the arrival territories, but also how management of the deceased can contribute to perpetuating and shaping transnational groups over time, on both sides of the borders they cross. This thematic dossier reviews several dimensions of death management in the context of migration: transnational care and translocal funeral rituals, risk mitigation and resource pooling practices, and transnational deathscapes.

Please refer to the below website for the details of the special issue.

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