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Special Issue: Covid-19 et mort en migration

Network members Linda Haapajarvi and Nada Afiouni have worked on a special issue on Migrant death in the context of the pandemic with scholars from the Institut Convergences Migrations' "Mort Covid en Migration" research project.


The issue is out now and can be found here:


Here's the abstract: 


This special issue examines the experiences, representations, and practices surrounding death in migration in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, from the perspective of the geographical, legal, social, and symbolic boundaries that shape the (im)mobility of international migrants. It highlights the multiplicity of these boundaries and their dissimilar consequences on the (im)mobility of the living and the dead. The five contributions gathered here deal with the management of death in migration in the context of the health crisis, and focus on different situations: deaths occurring on migratory routes (notably when crossing the Mediterranean), the experience of elderly immigrants faced with the risk of dying from Covid-19, or the reconfigurations of funeral practices of minorities established in French, English and Swiss cities. Together, these texts set up a mirror game between questions on death, migration, and the pandemic: they seize the health crisis to examine how the horizon of death structures migratory experiences and, based on the specificities of these experiences, renew reflection on the frontiers that draw the contours of the migrant condition in contemporary societies shaped by ever-increasing but also ever more contested international mobilities.

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